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Vale Quarry Map

Another map of vale, this time for the organisers to keep. This one is etched onto a beech veneered plywood, the same material as the star was cut from. It's 600x600mm  and 6mm thick, I rounded all the edges to make it nice to handle.

Project #8 - Catapult Range Prototype

I'm falling behind with projects, possibly due to having 3 maker faires and 1 LRP event in a 5 week period meaning my August disappeared. This was a spur of the moment project for Brighton Mini Maker Faire at the weekend just gone. It went well though and the kids really loved it so it's now undergoing a complete redesign to make it stronger and sturdier, which I'll need in time for my Cambridge Hackspace workshop next weekend. I've taken my mini catapults to maker faires for quite some time now but they tend to get overlooked especially when we tell kids not to fire ball bearings at us. This time round I thought it would be cool if we had something they could actually shoot at, we could then cut mini catapults on the laser and hopefully sell a few more of both. I built a small range on a slope with 10 targets to shoot at, the idea being that the balls would roll back to the kids and a small motorised mechanism would stand the targets back up again. Testing and c