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Agricola - 2 Player Game

During my Project 52 I laser cut some trays to fit inside the box of our Agricola game . Move on 2 years and there is a new 2 player version of Agricola so I have made some box inserts for this game too. The trays all have rounded corners which makes it easier to scoop the tokens out of the box. The trays, all the tokens and the expansions all fit into the original box. These storage trays are now available for sale in my web store.

Bigger Knob

I had previously made a Laser cut Knob  for the Blacknose laser cutter  but I've been using it a bit recently and there were still a few issues with it so I redesigned it. This knob is 50% longer but that's 12mm on either side. On the top it makes it easier to grip without scraping your knuckles on the laser frame, on the bottom the knob extends beyond the square section to hold the shaft better, this makes it far less likely to slip off while in use. ( svg here )