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Notable Remains nearly at the Stretch Goals

 The sun may be setting on the #notableremains campaign but it will rise again in the #East. There's only 30 mins remaining to back the campaign so be quick. Just a few more sales and all the stretch goals will be unlocked

Notable Remains

While I'm still busy doing fulfilment for my own kickstarter project I find myself looking for other puzzle games to do in the evening. Notable Remains looks like it's going to be one of those amazing puzzle games because the underlying premise is great. Take all the fancy map details and turn them into a clever puzzle game. The campaign was fully funded in an hour and, knowing the designer, it's a sure thing for fulfilment. As the campaign enters the last 24 hours it's also remarkably close to reaching the 'bonus game' stretch goal so now would be a great time to back the campaign and join us in the puzzle hunt. #NotableRemains #East