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Stag Gift

It's a laser etched hip flask filled with the beverage of choice (blue bols and orange bacardi breezer, sounds odd but try it). Look round the internet and you'll be told that you need Thermark to etch stainless steel but I achieved a very similar effect using black sharpie. I'm not saying it's perfect but it's the thought that counts. (Method pics below the cut) 

Gift box

This weekend is the stag do for the wedding I made the invites for, so a quick shuffle of the invite design and I have this rather nice gift box to put a present in to. Present will appear tomorrow. (svg here)

Brooxes Hangups

Dominic is away from his laser for two weeks so he asked if I could make some Brooxes hangups for him, so I did. They're for hanging cameras onto kite strings. A couple of M3 bolts through the wood and a healthy smattering of glue means that it shouldn't come apart. (svg here)

Pegs 7

The lizards are so cute with their teeny footprints, yeah whatever.
So that concludes my run of pegs for the time being, maybe more in the future, should also put these on Etsy really. (svg to follow shortly)

Pegs 6

Cats. I'm a kitty cat! and I dance, dance, dance and I dance, dance, dance

Pegs 5

Tribal tattoo design.

Pegs 4

More vector swirls