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Magazine File

The new magazine file design I've made a few of these magazine files before but they're getting well used, plus my kids are still subscribing to 'The Phoenix' comic so there are more and more comics lying around in piles so I figured it was time to revamp the design a little bit and make some more for storage.    Damage to the original box file caused by use You can see in this image how the kids have been taking the files on/off the shelves. This has resulted in them snapping the front panel in halve. I imagine overloading the file also caused the sides to push apart breaking the glue joint. The new version strengthens the front and back panel by making them overlap the side panels instead of just being glued on. Now all of the tabs pull through into the side panels rather than pull away from them. The base panel has a similar joint to stop the base from falling out.  Side panel joints are strengthened by overlapping material The two sides of this file tessellate pe