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Project #44 Frogs and Fishes

Sometimes I get sales from people with interesting sounding email addresses and postal addresses. Occasionally I'll google these people and see what they're up to. This has led to some interesting conversations and discoveries, such as someone who worked with super slow motion videos and even a saucy underwear site. This most recent order led me to Artists market  and in particular Eschers Fish and Frogs . These frogs all vary slightly to each other as they progress down the page so they all had to be drawn individually. Initially they were cut in the two different wood types I have to hand. I felt the contrast wasn't strong enough so I painted half of them black, I mounted them onto an mdf sheet to hold them sturdy. As a bonus (and with a little bit more effort) I was able to extract 1 frog and 1 fish and to modify them so that they tessellate with each other and I can form whole sheets of fish and frogs. ( svg for singles here ) 44 Projects/ 48 Weeks

Project #43 Agricola storage bins

I got a few new games for my birthday last week. After one play through of Agricola  I realised it would be helpful to have some storage bins for the many many components. I came up with this 15 bin arrangement that fits neatly into the box. Two rows of 5 bins are joined together and hold all the resources, each bin has an icon to represent the resource it holds. 5 separate bins were placed in the middle to hold the player tokens. These can be lifted and given to each person individually, a little coloured dot on the back of each bin indicates what colour counters should go into the bin. 43 Projects/ 48 Weeks

Isle of Man Coaster

While travelling all the UK maker faires this year I end up talking to loads and loads of people about their ideas and things that could be made with the laser cutter. Most people take my business card and are never heard of again. Simon and Andrea however got back in touch with me. When they saw the Escher lizards they thought that the Isle of Man legs would lend themselves well to being laser cut as coasters. They linked me to a vector image of the flag and the rest is history. I cut this as 2 separate parts to get the different coloured material around the outside.