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Hounds Logo 3

This is my favourite logo so far although as many people have rightly pointed out at first glance they do look like lions. 273/285

Hounds Logo 2

My talented arty friends keep coming up with these awesome logos so I'm going to cut them to really show off their potential 272/284

Panel Joinery 29

A different take on the living hinge, one single continous line allows this to be bent in different ways to the other hinges I've made before.
You'll all be pleased to know that this is the last cut of the panel joinery article, it's been great for me to play catch up with. There will be one more post as a round up but I'm working on something clever for that so I hope you'll appreciate it. 271/283

Nautilus Gears

Some 3D printed Nautilus gears appeared on thingiverse, they were too beautiful not to make a laser version. 270/283

Panel Joinery 28

Several bulb joints can be connected in line to fold right back over itself 269/282

Panel Joinery 27

A variation of the previous bulb joint that allows the join to rotate through 90 degree 268/281

Panel Joinery 26

I like this rounded interlock on a joint, might have to try and include this in some things.

Pencil Design 2

My Wife has an amusing sense of humour too and after seeing the chew/write pencil she immediately asked if I could make her one of these. It took far longer to find the plain wooden pencils than to draw/make the item.

Panel Joinery 25