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Dislocation: Mechanical Puzzle Game

  I've been trying to enjoy my time off after finishing the fulfilment for the Loki project , but time off means thinking about the next project and the new puzzles that need to be designed. While we're still in the process of moving house I can't launch into fulfilment for another big game but I have created this smaller, cheaper puzzle that fits perfectly through your letter boxes. The game is currently taking around 4-5 hours to complete so even though it's small in size it's not small in gameplay. It's also been designed as a prelude to the next big game 'Don't shoot the messenger' so while it's not essential to play this first it does add to that story. If you're interested, the pre launch page is already up and I'm hoping to go live some time over the weekend. I've also managed to squeeze a few puzzles into the prelaunch page so go check it out.