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Project #4 31 Great Circles

I have several large projects on the go, bulk quantities of the wedding invites and the photo frames . While those parts were cutting I needed something else to work on. My 15 great circle model  was inspired by a challenge on the Make blog . When the model got featured on the blog, the new article issued an additional challenge to make the 25 and 31 intersection model , so I duly stepped up and I present to you the 31 circle model. Made from card stock and 180 separate pieces, this model follows a similar construction to the last one. I used Cinema 4D (yes I know it's an animation package) to subdivide the basic 'buckyball' (football) shape. Then I subdivided each face to get the right number of intersections. This gives me the angles for each of the parts, pepakura unwrapped the model, and inkscape turned it into a sphere for me. Each edge has exactly two thicknesses of card to keep it looking uniform. More photos of the parts and construction technique are included

Project #3 Wedding Invites

I seem to have a few friends with weddings coming up so I like to make nice pretty things for them. My friends wanted wedding invites and they like the butterfly cage  so a quick doodle later and I came up with this design. Slightly unusual to have an insert on the front but that's a good thing. The butterflies all fold to stand proud of the surface and the card has a perforated spine. Even with the insert it will be necessary to 'back' the front of the card so that white shows through the wings. I'm happy with the final result and it's that stack of 80 cards (8 hours cutting) that makes it worthy of being included to project 52. ( svg here ) 3/4

Real Wood Koru frames

Doesn't feel like a whole month ago since I made the first one of these . I recently acquired some real wood to see if it looked better and I tried different combinations of Koru and Frame colours. I settled on Walnut for the Koru shapes and Spruce for the actual frame.