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Present for Santa

Eli drew a picture of a small present he wanted to make for Santa. He measured the size of the bag to find the right scale and he drew the design out on inkscape with a little bit of help. I set up the laser to cut on a small piece of illomba faced poplar ply that he picked from the scrap pile and 45 seconds later we had the item made. 

Jurassic World Gates

The control box I made the other day was destined to be connected to this set of Jurassic World Gates. The gates are modelled after those in the film, the LED lights flicker like real torches, the gates open and close (and stop at the limits of their travel) and the whole thing can play the Jurassic World theme tune. This framework will head off Dinkydoodle Designs to be covered in cake and icing.

Quick control box

I've been working on a cake this weekend, bit of a rush and I'll be able to reveal the whole thing before the end of the week. For now I put together a quick electronics box to give it a polished feeling. The most recent version of inkscape comes with a lot more choice of Hershey text so I opted for a rather nice font on the switches to denote the functions.