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Kirigami 2


Kirigami 1

I'm led to believe Kirigami is origami with cuts, pieces start as a flat sheet and then get folded into something interesting. I've got a series of designs based around similar things I've seen on the internet. (svg here)

Octahedron with Hole

At the same time my boss also said it should be possible to do it with an octahedron too but he hadn't calculated it for that one. In steps the cad again and another set of files was born. (stl here) (pdf here)

Cube with Hole

This is an interesting little mathematical anomaly, my boss told me it was possible to cut a hole through a cube large enough to pass a cube with the same size through it. He did all math by hand, rotating the cube to optimum position and then drawing the net for the cube. It almost felt like cheating when I came home and knocked it up in a CAD package.

I unwrapped it for assembly from card stock, but I'm also supplying the stl files because I think it would be great if it were 3D printed (If anyone does that, please post photos). (pdf here)

100 posts

I made it to my 100th post, it's right on the deadline for the day but it's just about in. I have lots more for the next week and no more lizards for a while so you'll be pleased about that. I thought I'd have a quick roundup of my favourite things from the last 100 posts.

James Bond has to come in at number one, not technically clever but made me chuckle the whole time while doing it

The Game of Thrones Wolf is pretty spectacular, it's sat on my bookcase at the moment looking for a new home.

The veneer wings are another one of my favourites, I love the wings but am far less keen about the parts I've put with it so far. I'm open to suggestions as to how I can best show these off.

My biggest post yet thanks for bearing with. On the todo list are Mini catapults, family trees and mechanical irises, so stay tuned.

Lizard Sheet

The sheet of lizards is growing now and they do look awesome, I promise I'll post up the results any day now.

Lizard heart

I realised it was possible to arrange the lizards in such a way that they form a lovely heart shape, a quick bit of design later and I had a nice tray to put them in.