Project #15, Rune Wheel

Lots of little details go into creating a LARP game like Empire and this project works within the complexity of the new Rune system they have invented. There are 26 (actually 27) runes which correspond to each letter of the alphabet which means they'll be handy for writing coded messages. Each rune has an affiliation with something and most belong to one of the 6 realms (3 don't). Beyond the basic 27 runes there are 6 additional runes that correspond to the realms, and each of those runes has a human 'race' affiliated to it, and those races in turn align to one single rune (except 1 that aligns to all 4). Got it?

So actually there is an awful lot of information to remember and instead of writing it down on a piece of paper and wafting inkjet prints around at a medieval re enactment I decided to display that information in a form much nicer than a list and on a medium much more appropriate for the setting. Laser cutting is a very modern thing but it will do for a nice representation of pyrography. (svg here)

Project 15/ 22 Weeks

I mentioned there were 6 realms each realm has 4 runes associated with it, this leaves 3 remaining runes and led me to believe that subdividing the wheel by 6 was a good place to start. The outer ring has 24 runes grouped by realm, each rune has it's name left and association to the right (picture below rotated). The next ring in has the 6 realms, Summer, Night, Spring, Autumn, Day and Winter. These are laid out in order as it possible to push an item that is aligned to one realm into the realm next to it. The realm runes have the realm to the left and the lineage to the right. Finally the last 3 runes are on the inner ring, they are not realm aligned, this leaves a nice big space in the middle for a group logo.

Custom logos for other groups as requested

I had the power set too high on the first wheel I cut so now I have a large jigsaw puzzle that I need to figure out.

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