Clarkcade Gaming Cabinets.

One of my 12 projects this year was/is going to be a retro gaming cabinet. While I was at the UK Maker Faire I met Simon and I saw his awesome Clarkcade cabinets and in particular 'the fighter' which is exactly what I envisaged for my cabinet. These machines are top notch quality have all the right features and finishing touches, so I was keen to get some hints and tips. After a short discussion it turned out that Simon was keen to try getting a some parts laser cut which was very convenient, now just two weeks later I've cut my first cabinet for him and there will hopefully be many more on the horizon as we try to figure out the best way to laser these machines (such as yesterdays hidden joints). My cabinet will still be put off till slightly later in the year but what a head start I'll have when I finally get round to it.

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