Dice Tower 1

Way back in July I was trying to make a dice tower, there are a lot of laser cut dice towers available online and they all suffer from issues in one way or another. A lot of them use friction fits which will eventually wear down, some use expensive magnets and still take a while to set up so I started looking at my own design.

A dice tower is just a box that could potentially fold flat, the only thing that stops it folding like a regular box are the baffles that the dice fall down. I built a basic box tower but made my baffles removable. When inside the box the baffles push against the sides of the box and holds the whole thing rigid. When removed the baffles fold flat alongside the box.

As a concept it worked fairly well except the baffles didn't fold particularly flat which is why I carried on developing the idea rather than blogging it at the time.

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