Project #16, Empire World Map

The game world for empire has a pretty extensive collection of maps for each nation and one of the world overview. After seeing the individual maps I made for people Profound Decisions asked if I could make a huge map to go in the war room. Measuring in at 1.8m x 1.2m I would say this laser cut map fits the requirement pretty well.

14 laser cut panels, 280x560mm, are aligned in a 'brick like' pattern (odd rows staggered) to show the whole empire in one single sheet. The map was outlined with a celtic knot style border and backed onto 6mm sheet plywood. It splits down the middle so that it fits inside my car ready for transport to the event. The final little touch was to create a token for the capital of the empire, Anvil, although I would now like to have the map back so that I can add all the nation names in wood veneer to make them really stand out. (original artwork here)

Project 16/ 23 Weeks