Project #39 Wooden box 2

A variation on the bigger boxes, practice definitely makes these things easier. I need to start learning some parametric drawing programs like OpenSCAD but in the meantime I stuck with lengthy redraws. This box follows very similar construction guides as the other boxes but is slightly simpler internally and has about half the volume. The logo on the top was acheived with multiple passes at different powers and then outline to increase the definition. A nice little box I'm very pleased with. (svg here)

As I sat and worried about how I was going to catch up on project 52 and I looked for inspiration on my lists of ideas I realised I had actually started a dozen projects and not finished them yet. It's given me a little burst of activity this week but I still have to finish 3 projects a week to get to the end in time. Busy times.

39 Projects/ 46 Weeks