Fail Project 52.

I've had the best part of a week to come to terms with this, because I realised the mistake I'd made at the start of the week. It's taken a week to write this post not helped by the massively increased workload I put on myself. I've known for a while that I was a long way behind. I've worked hard to catch up and as you can see I just posted Project #50 and by the end of the night the next project will also be ready. The trouble is I've messed up the timings for my project, Project #1 was posted on the 13th of October, exactly a year ago today which puts the end of Project 52 today instead of next week.

I've spent every spare moment this week playing catch up, I've managed to (nearly) make 4 projects this week all thanks to my understanding wife, but when I realised my mistake on Monday, I had 50+ hours of work to get all 52 projects complete and that just wasn't going to happen. Tonight's item is a pure (but intensive) drawing project so it will be finished on time. Leaving me with just one project left to complete. I know what it will be and I only have 1 item to do next week so it will feel rather leisurely.

It's not all sad, it's been a fun and 51 items in a single year is pretty good going and I'm really pleased with how most of them turned out. I'll get these last two done and then you can expect a much more complete round up of the year.