Project #47 Veneer Picture

My Friend Steph draws some amazing banners for groups at LARP. I've done some work for her before but this time she wasn't aware I was stealing her artwork. While I was looking through her FB folder a few in particular caught my eye, and while I still have some blue veneer left over from my Catan now seemed like a good time to perform a full conversion to something laser cut-able. (custom job, no files)
47 Projects/49 Weeks (finished last night)

Here is a comparison of the original artwork, emulsion on canvas vs the final piece, wood veneers, on laser ply. 

The crows were made from layered wood veneers to ensure they stood proud of from the background. The large crow is made from 3 layers of veneer, the middle crow from 2 layers and the small crow from just one layer. The details were etched into the surface of the veneer to replace the layers. The area around each crow was painted with a very thin white acrylic to 'bleach' out the colour a bit like the original.

The horsey border was made from 4 separate parts from poplar laser ply. The negative space around the horseys was carved away leaving the horses raised up from the border.

The centre of each swirl was packed with an small off cut of veneer (I wish I had a photo). This raises the centre of the swirls by 1mm compared to the edges. Each one was glued to the back of the sheet before it was turned over. There were only 2 swirls in this entire pattern that were completely separated from the sheet. The whole back board was smeared with glue and the swirl sheet placed over it. A sheet of foam was placed on top and weighted with books. Because the height of the sheet is not constant the foam will match the contours of the sheet while the whole thing dries. Finally the crows were glued onto the top of the veneer.

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