Monday, 14 October 2013

Project #51 Carcassonne Tile Game

If you would like to cut your own set of these tiles please check out my jumpstart campaign for their release,

So I might have underestimated how much drawing I had left to do on this game and then it took 2 hours of etching and cutting. It's a complete set of tiles for the board game Carcassonne, 72 tiles each drawn slightly differently. The complex tiles took 2+ hours each to draw. In the end I duplicated most of the city tiles making changes to the backgrounds rather than the more complicated buildings. This project actually started before the Catan board with 2 test tiles that encouraged me to finish the whole set. (file needs fixing)
51 Projects/ 52 Weeks

I even took some work in progress shots because I was keen to take the game out of the laser cutter.