Busy Times

Leicester hackspace is currently forming. Their grand opening will be on the 1st of March, over in the makers yard feel free to come along.

Sadly for me it's taking up a lot more of my time then I was hoping it would. It's left me neglecting this blog so sorry about that and some of my other projects. It will be great to have a space nearby and to be able to run workshops over there. As you saw I already made benches for the space, but there's still workshops to plan, a laser to set up, mailshot and flyers to create. I could spend all my time on it between now and then and still not get done.

So in other news I'm running a Cambridge workshop on the 2nd of March (because I'm a sucker for punishment). This will be for making miniature marble machines. I'm taking Machine #1 and Machine #4 and a bag full of motors as optional upgrades and I'm hoping it's going to be a lot of fun.

Finally and most importantly my laser tube has gone again, this felt like a very short lifespan since the last one. A conservative estimate would say 500 hours instead of the 1200 we're supposed to be getting. New tubes are ordered (one from ebay, one from our laser supplier) but until one gets here I just can't cut anything new and my pre workshop stock dwindles due to online orders. I'm going to be extra busy when it does finally arrive (hopefully today)