Extraction Failure

I've been pushing my laser relatively hard since I got back from Maker Faire cutting up stock of kits. I've started to notice though that the smoke is no longer being drawn out the back of the laser. It was never very good anyway but now you can actually see the smoke as it comes out of the gaps around the lid. I can no longer work in the garage with the doors closed because the place fills up with smoke. Thankfully it's summer and I can run with the doors open. I have stock now and enough items made so it looks like I'll be taking the machine offline until I have time to fix it.

I happen to have one of the extraction fans that we use with the Just Add Sharks lasers. It shifts a lot more air than the other pump ever did I just need to find time to rig it up. It was going to go inside the Blue laser of horrors, but my need is currently greater. Apologies if you were following those updates this failure means that the blue laser upgrades are going to get pushed back as well. It's all good fun eh?