Poplar Plywood!

I have a new and awesome supplier of poplar plywood. I'm so pleased with the quality and standard that I actually feel guilty that I didn't write the post 2 weeks ago when I first got the goods. My new preferred supplier for poplar plywood, mdf and birch plywood is Kitronik. For the longest time now I've been looking for a supplier who actually acknowledges that laser plywood comes in types and that the standard of the wood actually matters and Kitronik were actually listening.

As soon as I received my order I was pleasantly surprised. The wood came in a sturdy cardboard box sealed and taped neatly rather than the usual ensemble of salvaged cardboard wrapped loosely around sheets of wood. The sheets didn't quite fill the box so air bags were used to fill the voids and ensure no damage would occur during transit. Each sheet is clearly marked with a sticker to say exactly what material it is and what thickness. This is such a simple idea, I have a whole rack of wood sheets and I don't really know where is came from which makes it hard to reorder the nice things.

Now onto the real plus point, poplar ply wood. I ordered a 3mm sheet and a 6m sheet of poplar, exactly as I've come to expect from poplar both sheets were free of knots and blemishes, are a nice shade of white and have very pale grain so it's as good as any poplar I've seen before. The 3mm sheet is 3ply and the 6mm is 5 ply so feels pretty sturdy. I'm also pleased with the material thickness, the 3mm is 2.95mm thick (previous 3mm poplar came in at 2.6mm thick) and the 6mm is dead on 6mm thick. It should make slots and tabs much easier to calculate. 

It's no secret that Just Add Sharks operates from the same unit at Kitronik, but this order was placed externally through the website like any other customer. Everybody can expect the same level of service and quality of materials.

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