EMF Camp Light beacon

I made this light beacon for EMF camp (you can just about see it in this post). It sat on top of the laser and span round slowly shifting between 2 colours all weekend. People like Blinkenlights and I got a few compliments on it, especially as we left it running in the dark all night. Not bad for something slung together in a field. I never got round to posting it. I had a lot of fun with yesterdays alarm clock though so I thought I'd resurrect it and put a whole bunch of new patterns into it.

I didn't quite get as many done today as I hoped but I did have fun coding and I also got electrocuted by it (entirely my own fault). I have at least set up a framework for adding animations, so next EMF camp/Maker faire I can just add patterns as I think of them. Here is a short video of the 4 patterns it now cycles through. It's no LED cube but it's a start.