Project #5: Useless Machine 2.0

My useless machine design has had a complete overhaul and this is now my best product to date. The new design features a PCB for the electronics which makes it quick and easy to solder, The box is a completely glueless construction and clips together in just 2 minutes, there are just 3 screws holding the components together. Back EMF braking stops the motor dead so the machine doesn't just use the limit switch as a mechanical end stop (unlike other designs)

The new kits are available from my web store in 3 different flavours, "Soldering Required", "No Soldering" and "Assembled". There are also 2 more variations due out before the end of the week.

This new design has some clever features. The lid hinge is now made up using the sides of the box, the flap rests on top of the sides which prevents it from falling back into the box. The motor mount is a single piece which stretches between the top and the bottom of the box. The PCB can accommodate screw terminal connectors for the motor and battery which allows me to sell a 'No Soldering' version of the box. The skin clicks into place using the clips on the bottom of the sides, the tension in the living hinge sections keeps the skin in the hooks.

Project #4 still ticks over in the background but this project has actually been in development for a few months now and needs to be released in time for the UK Maker Faire in just 2 weeks time. The kits are cut and the stock is ready to go.

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