Rustic Dice 2

With the dice principle proven I moved on to actually laser cutting the dice for the game. The is a Vale LRP version of Zombie Dice, you try to get treasure before being attacked by the Octopus or before the treasure escapes on a boat. There are two styles of dice shown here, one set is engraved and outlined and the other set is just outlined. Doing one dice at a time and all 6 sides was actually quite time consuming, with more regular dice all 13 could have been engraved at once which would have cut the time down. It's also interesting to note that the engraving took 20 seconds per side but the outlining only took 10 seconds, it's 3 times longer to colour the shapes in and that really impacts on the price of any such work.

The game looks fun though and I can't wait to play it next time I'm at a Vale event.