Card Sphere Sculpture

I was inspired by George Hart to make some kind of large sculpture that could be assembled at a maker faire maybe with half a dozen people helping to build it. I designed this one on a 3D model, it's made from 60 identical pieces that all interlock. The main issue is that it doesn't take photo easily. We went to Manchester Makefest and made one from corrugated card that was 5 times larger, it took most of the morning to assemble, we made a second one that was a mirror image but then we lost all the photos we took of it. If you were at Manchester Makefest and you happened to get a picture then we would love to see it, otherwise this is destined to remain a single dull post.

The sphere itself was pretty easy to build (even with a hangover), I'll happily share the file if people are interested. If I were to do it again I would try to find away to add another linkage between the parts, this whole thing feels a bit like a ball within a ball and it could do with a few more structs between the inner and outer sections. 
Due to requests I've now added files and pictures, I've included the PDF too because this thing could be cut with scalpel and scissors. (svg here, pdf here)
60 of these go into a full sphere