Large Stellated Dodecahedron Corner Test

Andy from Travelling Light Circus saw my stellated dodecahedron at Manchester Makefest and he decided that he wanted a much bigger one. So I got to work straight away proving that I could make a corner joint for a star that was 4 times bigger. I used a 3D model to figure out what the angles should be and I used button hex bolts to reduce the amount of tinkering members of the public could do to it.

I used a T-Slot joints to hold the stars onto the framework. One thing that has always bugged me about T-Slots is the way the nut can fall out of the slot, to overcome this issue I made the nuts captive with another piece of wood. The nut outer is glued into place in the T-Slot so there is no way the nut can fall out, particularly useful when the joints are going to be at all sorts of funny angles in the star.