Fancy Plywood and Interesting Designs

Pay attention because this is gonna get link heavy. Chris Champion has been sending me files for a while now, he makes some pretty amazing cuckoo clocks usually out of 12mm Poplar ply (I'm honestly not sure why I don't have any photos of the parts on the blog yet). Chris wanted to make a special present for a friends wedding and he wanted to use some real woods to do it. The trouble is that my real wood source typically only supplies wood up to 100mm wide and this item is 300x300mm.  

At the same time I had just finished visiting Peter Williams from They do some amazing work with sublimation printing on fancy plywoods. They have to get the plywood made specially for themselves but Peter was generous enough to let me buy some of these materials from him, 600x400mm sheets, 3 ply wood, 2mm thick. He has Beech, Oak, Mahogany and Walnut. all really good quality. He also said he would be able to supply sheets for other people too if anyone was interested. 

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