Elf/Fairy Doors

I have a Christmas Craft Faire at the weekend, it's the active arts craft market in Countesthorpe if anyone wants to see me, so I thought I had better make something Christmassy to take along with me. Nichola suggested I make some fairy doors and it was a good idea, lots of places online for inspiration and lots of variety from a few simple pieces. 3 hours of drawing got me 12 different doors and a heap of accessories, 1 hour of cutting 1 hour of assembly. They came out so nice I cut a second set almost straight away. (svg here)

The panels were coloured before cutting to avoid a whole heap of fiddly painting. I even got to use my linbins to hold the different colours once they were removed from the laser. I even remember when just one item from these would take all day. It was nice to get these done and out the way.

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