Project #9 - Arcade Cabinet Built

My arcade cabinet is nearly done, it's just waiting for the screen and bezel which involves me buying super skinny perspex (1mm and 2mm due to a mistake in the drawing).  It's made from 6mm Poplar ply, skinned with 3mm Poplar to hide the finger joints. The back door and the monitor cross brace are both made from 9mm poplar to give them a bit more strength. 

While I had the laser cutter cutting all the panels I used the opportunity to cut pilot holes for all the hinges and brackets and I also embedded the speaker grill between the layers so it doesn't have to have visible screws on the front.

The player panel and the banner are made from fluorescent blue perspex. The pattern was reversed and engraved on the back. The side panels were stained dark brown to make them look a bit more like real wood. The central panels were all wrapped with vinyl that has a carbon fibre pattern, the vinyl goes under the perspex which really makes the details stand out. Next thing I need to do is wire up the internals but for now all the laser cutting is done.

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