The Real DMMF Maker Badge

Designed from this hand penned drawing of what the badge should look like, I lasercut 150 badges for the Derby Mini Maker Faire this year. The large block of text is simply outlined instead of engraved because it stands out better and is a lot faster to cut. The badge features a single row of engraving (even when all 8 badges are cut at once) because this reduces the amount of time to cut. All other details are simple line drawings or holes. Kitronik was kind enough to donate all the Birch ply for the project.

The more observant amongst you will notice a code on the badge (1=S), because the badges were cut in sheets of 8 at a time it was possible to make 8 different badges. Each badge contained a number and a letter and was used to create a code that the visitors could break. It encouraged interaction between exhibitors and makers and completed forms could be return for a chance to win a prize.

The code word was "Sorocold" which you can see from the lined up shot. It was changed on me at the last minute and I felt it lacked conformational bias, people who had completed it still weren't sure what the answer actually was. People seemed to be enjoying it though and it was nice to see people playing a game I'd designed (with some help from Graeme).

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