Another Vale Game

I'm pretty busy with the upcoming UK Maker Faire and some Just Add Sharks projects but apparently that doesn't stop my mind from wandering to other projects. I saw this Dice Cup review of a game called 'Battle Sheep' and I thought of an interesting variation which was easily Vale themed. I used artwork from the previous vale game to speed things up and the whole game was made in a single lunch time (blogging always takes extra time) (svg here)

Each player starts with 16 meeple tokens and 4 map sections, including their own 'camp' tile (I made 16 tokens so that you could just play battle sheep rules). Players take it in turn to lay map sections ensuring some variety in the board between plays. Tiles have to connect but can be in any orientation and holes are permissible. Finally players lay their own camp tiles on the edge of the board, this is where players will be starting from.

Once the board is set, players take it in turn to move a single meeple tile as far as they like in a single direction, meeples are not allowed to jump over obstacles so must stop when they encounter other meeples or the edge of the board. The single meeple may be an existing meeple or a new meeple drawn from camp.
Opposing meeples are captured by positioning a meeple on either side of the enemy, captured meeples are stored in the hand and are used to score the game.

Meeples may also be captured by sandwiching them up against the base camp, or by completely surrounding them on the edge of the board.

Meeples may also push other meeples to get out of a tight situation. In the image above the lower sword meeple may be pushed back one tile by the dagger meeple (both meeples move 1 space). The upper 2 meeples may not be pushed. The pushing of a meeple must be a whole action and may not be done at the end of a straight line move.

The winner is the person with the most meeples captured, the game typically ends with both sides forming an impenetrable defence line. In the case of a draw the winner is the person who has the most tiles on their side of the line.

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