Maker Faire UK 2018

I don't mind admitting I was a little bit unsure about Maker Faire this year. I felt like it came around really quickly and I hadn't actually made that many new things since the previous year. I don't like showing the same stuff off again so I had to wrack my brains about something new to take. Clearly I was having a dumb moment and I ended up taking Dawn to the Faire and a selection of the cakes we've been working on. I needn't have worried Dawns work is fairly unique in maker circles and throwing in some moving designs was enough to gain a blue ribbon.

It was great meeting so many blog readers and old friends, thank you all for coming over to say hi. I shall endeavour to post more of the things I'm actually making as soon as I'm able to rather than leaving it all for months. Hi to all the new people just tuning in, hope you don't get too lost down the rabbit hole of previous posts (check out the gallery links at the top of the page).

There's is one thing I won't miss now that this years Maker Faire is over.
"These are our remote controlled cakes"
"Is that really a cake?"
"Is that one a cake too?"
"How about that one?".... and so on.

Finally proof for anyone who asked for it, I did make it out to the Angel of the North by 7am on Sunday morning, a nice simple 10 mile run if anyone fancies it.

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