Glass cabinets of Fun

I wanted my container to look like a workshop/shop and sleeping area. I visited Cyberdog in Camden market and was quite taken with their rows of glass cabinets containing items for sale. Following on from David's assertion that Ikea is the only store that survives into the cyberfuture I acquired myself some second hand Detolf cabinets.

It turns out that flat packing and repacking cabinets is a bit of a pain and trying to transport 8 large glass panels in the back of a Luton van is a bit nerve wracking. The cabinets were packaged well with card and tied up to the railings to stop them falling over. They fit really well with the aesthetic and they served impeccably to display my kits for sale.

With my newly installed cabinets came the need to create display stands, having a laser nearby solves those issues though. I built a quick stand to hold all 4 different fractal puzzles vertically within a cube and I built some small price tags (always a good indication that stuff is for sale). One minor annoyance is that I lost all the screws on the way home but thankfully the amazing Ikea is sending me more fixings, once they arrive I'll be able to sell the cabinets onwards and break even on the whole cabinet adventure.

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