Ventilator Splitter

This time I was requested to make a prusa ventilation splitter for evaluation purposes. I jumped straight out to the 3d printer and used the g code provided by prusa instead of recreating it for my own machine. The prints came out well, air tight and snug enough fittings to provide a good connection, there was a lot of stringing though and it took a little while to clean them up with scalpel and sandpaper. I definitely need to spend a bit of time calibrating this machine to get some good prints from it.

The splitters made their way into the hospital, I believe use of these is possible but the patients have to be carefully lung matched to ensure that they both receive adequate air supply from the one ventilator. I was also told that when we start needing to share ventilators things are looking pretty serious so hopefully they won't need me to print any more of these.

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