Large Wooden Box 2

After making the first large wooden box I was fortunate enough to be commissioned to make a second one. This one incorporates all the improvements of the first box as well as some big changes to the internal structures as described below.

I used the scraps from between the jigsaw edges to create overlapping sections. The two edges were interlocked and then flattened and glued. This ensures that the surface is completely flat when it's glued together. Both sides were glued together first and then the panels were slid over framework, the living hinges allowed it to stretch.

I turned the verticals of the frame through 90 degrees. This puts more surface area against the side panels and gives more places to glue the things together. I cut a notch out of the back to mount the chunky hinges in. I only used one pair of magnets as a catch this time and it is still strong enough to hold the lid shut.

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