Project #40 Settlers of Catan

This is the epic kind of project I imagine for next years 12 in 12 but for some reason I squeezed it into a weekly project, not ideal when I'm so far behind but sometimes these things just need to be done. It expands upon the resource holder I made last week. Using the same artwork as the icons on each of the tiles, I created ports and sea tiles in the same theme. All the tiles are made from laser ply, with veneer on top. The sea tiles are a nice blue stained veneer.
Each tile has 12 magnets embedded into it, 2 for each side, arranged so they alternate between north and south, this allows the tiles to snap together at any angle and also allows the tiles to click into a stack. (see the video below). The complete set of tiles uses about 500 magnets. I'm seriously thinking about kickstarting this as a set for people to purchase, multiple preorders should help bring the price down to something reasonable.
40 Projects / 47 Weeks


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