Magnetic Settlers of Catan 1.1

I took a second shot at Settlers of Catan. For my first attempt I made myself an awesome set of wooden veneers and magnetic tiles, lots of people wanted it but nobody wanted to pay the £150 it would cost to produce sets like that. I've gone back to basics and modified the original tiles. They now have mdf backing for strength and only 6 magnets per tiles (which is still £10 worth of magnets).

Because of the reduced number of magnets the tiles only work in half the orientations. This is no big deal because the actual orientation doesn't matter. Each tile is marked with + or - signs to denote which way round the magnet should go. The tiles still have more than enough strength to hold and lock together. (svg here)

If you don't have a laser cutter or you just can't be bothered to find your own magnets I'm making the tiles available in two sets, the standard set contains 6 edge pieces and 19 hex tiles and all the magnets to fill the gaps. This is enough for the 3-4 player game. It's a kit so you have to glue your own magnets in and the hexes to the tiles. I'm also doing the 5-6 player expansion with the border extensions and an additional 9 tiles.

The tiles are now available from my shop.

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