Project #9 - Arcade Cabinet Complete

My gaming cabinet is now complete. I wired up all the internals and got the controller working (Pandoras Box 3 520 Games in 1). I was keen to get it all finished today so end up with a few more 'functional' decisions than I would have liked but now that the front bezel is in place and it's actually playable I can live with them for a few months.

There is a relatively large cable loom and clearly practice makes perfect on these things. Player 2 (left and controls) already looks better than Player 1. I re jigged the layout a few times but in the end was quite pleased with it. The system is run from an ATX power supply but I wasn't happy with the dozen empty cables floating around so I opened up the supply and cut out all the unnecessary connections leaving only the +12V, +5V and GND cables coming out the supply. 

All that was left to do was load up Donkey Kong and take a few working shots for the blog.

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