Valentines Gifting

I saw a discussion about how to make these kind of tree cutouts with multiple leaves, it inspired me to give it a try. I've included the process in photos below. People seem to use this style for wedding gifts and family trees. I tried to add some graded paint effects, I think I used a bit too much paint to start with before I started watering it down and spreading it to the edges. The next one will be better.

Start by cutting out the blanks for painting, I also cut out the tree trunk because it's going to be a different colour.

Paint the blank and the tree trunk, I tried for a colour wash effect so that there is some colour gradient across the piece.

Put the painted blank back into the laser cutter and cut the shapes from it, you can see I have already switch the red tree trunk for the brown painted one.

Tape the cut shapes back into the board so that they can all be lifted out of the laser as a single piece.

Glue the back of the cut shapes being careful not to get any glue on the frame.

Finally secure the glued,cut parts onto the back board and carefully remove the frame to reveal the finished item.

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