New house, New Workshop

Over the weekend we moved house from Countesthorpe to Kettering, there's loads to do around the new property but we got most of the boxes unpacked and at least vaguely in the right rooms so that allowed me to spend some time on the new workshop. I've upgraded from a single garage to a double garage and this time it's detached from the house which is going to force me to separate the work and living space. 

We unloaded everything on Friday in the rain so it was a bit of a mess trying to get everything into the workshop. The new place is already super full of stuff but I think that's because I had two rows of shelves in the previous single garage and now it's all spread over the floor.

The first step today was to actually clear some space to move around in. The observant among you may notice that I just took all the junk from the middle and put it in the corner. This is mostly true but at least it's all better packed and I have more space to move around in. I could now move around there on a wet day which helps.

The more observant may wonder where the massive laser cutter is? I had to wheel that in and out of the garage to create any space in the first place. I'm sure it'll make an appearance as soon as I decide where I actually want it to go in workshop.


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