Wedding Place Names

Pick a nice font, get some sliced wood from hobbycraft and make a bunch of place names, should be super simple right? This kind of work was always a bit of a pain with the leetro controller but upgrading to the ruida and lightburn actually made it much simpler than before.

On the old controller, all jobs had the top right hand corner as the origin. On a project like this with the different length names and the different sized slices there was always a lot of faffing to ensure that the name is roughly in the centre and even then it was a bit hit and miss. The lightburn software lets you easily select the origin point with a single click and you can change it with every job. In this case I simply moved the origin to the centre of the name and then moved the centre of the wood directly under the laser head. Names easily centralised every time.

In fact lightburn makes it so easy to change the origin I now move it around all the time. It's a lot easier to fit in with the scraps of material if you can select bottom left or top right at the click of a button. It's fair to say lightburn has definitely saved me money on materials.

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