Project 365 Overview

So the project is complete, 365 items actually made in 350 days so 2 weeks early and there were also 2 weeks off for the laser cutter fire and 4 weeks off for moving house. So it was really only 10 months of effort. It was definitely a challenge but a worthwhile one, being forced to work to a deadline made me try things differently and come up with lots of different ideas and techniques.

I have to thank my wife for being so understanding for the whole time, it's nice that the first and the last items both relate to her (she drew the ginger kitty for me years ago). Also my Son Eli, who has inspired me to make various items, as well as playing quietly in the garage while I've worked (seriously he spent 20 minutes sat in a box today)

There have definitely been some low points while I was getting used to the machine, or trying to back pedal on some missing days. I hope that the many high points have more than made up for those. There are items that we use every single day, and other items that serve no purpose but are on display around the house. The laser also provides a great way to create unique gifts for friends and it's helped out with other peoples projects and some of those are living on beyond the project.

If I had to pick one project that was my favourite, it would be tough, but the James Bond was the most awesome thing ever, but not the voiced over clip, the outtakes clip. Never has trying to do something so simple proved to be so difficult while at the same time providing endless laughs.

So what next? Many people said I would just continue on but this level of output is punishing and it led to me producing quantity of items not quality of items. One friend suggested something I much more prefer. Why don't I try to make 52 awesome items over the next year (and 12 ridiculous items beyond that). I think I'm going to go for it, I'll let you know when I'm starting.

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