LARP Happened

Eli modelling my new padded arming jacket.
As some of you may have registered due to my most recent stream of work that I got very involved in producing prop items for the new LARP game that happened over the Easter weekend. I wish I had taken a photo of all the orders in a pile before they went out because I ended up with 60 requests for items and huge commissions from the game organisers. That's done now so I'm onto the new work.

I have the UK maker faire at the end of the month and I promised to remake Donkey Kong and take it there to exhibit. Iron Man 3 gets it's UK release in the middle of the month and I've already seen an increase in those orders, plus I have 2-3 new accessories that I should finish and put on sale before the release. I have lots of new ideas like the rune wheel to put down since coming back from the event, I also have another super secret project that is pretty cool that I hope to turn around in the next week or two. Finally we're due Baby no.2 at the end of the month. I think it's going to be another hectic month for me but I wouldn't have it any other way.