Project #26 Engagement Ring Box

In reverse order now, I actually made a prototype for the large wooden box that in many ways is much more successful. This box still has a living hinge holding the lid on and the smaller scale of the item made it much easier to assemble. I flipped the box over and put an engagement ring it because I thought it was just the right size for the job. It's essentially a square box inside a rounded box but that gives quite a nice wall thickness to the box and a certain sense of style. The front and back sections connect with a big 'jigsaw' joint, slightly overkill for the small box but essential on the larger one. The lid is held shut with 3mm x 9mm diameter neodymiums they're strong enough to pull through the wood. It could easily be engraved, or inlaid or a million other things to smarten it up a bit which is why I'm sharing the files with you guys, let me know what you do with it. (svg here)
26 Projects / 30 Weeks


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