Project 52 Update

So I'm in a bit of a funk about Project 52. At the last count I was 34 for 43 and I'm starting to feel a long way behind. I'm sure the 365 project got to a similar state but with each item taking only a few hours to make it felt like much smaller steps to make.

For anyone just tuning in, for Project 365 I made 365 items in 365 days. It's the same as one a day except no one complains if you don't post anything for a week. I felt it was a great success, it pushed my creativity and you can see how much my work improved by just comparing the early items to the last items. This year I decided to cut 52 things in 52 weeks. I've since come to define a 'weekly' thing as anything that takes more than 10 hours to complete. I figure for most people this would be achievable as 2 hours a night over 5 nights.

I've fallen behind, I've got 18 projects left to do (180 hours work minimum) and 9 weeks left to do it in. But to put this in context I'm still working 32 hours a week in a day job, we've got 2 small children, my next 6 weekends are chocked full of activities and people keep buying things from me. wooden boxes, runes, useless machines and marble machines are all selling really well and Halloween is just round the corner so I'm expecting Iron Man to kick off any day now.

It's fair to say I'm down for project 52 but I'm certainly not out. I have projects on the list that I want to complete and I think most of them are achievable, now if I could just overcome the time scale issue I might stand a fighting chance of getting them complete. But I guarantee they'll be no early finish for me with this project.