Project #38 Catan Resource Holder

We play a lot of board games in our house and Settlers of Catan is a firm favourite. (It's a great introduction to the world of German style board games, if you don't know what I'm talking about just buy it anyway and you won't regret it). There are 6 stacks of playing cards used to represent the different resources in the game and these can become a bit jumbled when placed on the table. A couple of people have already made card trays and this one in particular came from a thingiverse item

Even though I started with an existing design I ended up redrawing 90% of it (so it's now also worthy of a 10 hour project). I rounded the corners off the rack and tilted the whole thing up at a slight angle to hold the cards better. I changed the material size (3mm instead of 4mm) and I had to clean up the images for each of the wood veneers (It still had remnants of the watermark all over it). Each wood veneer is a different material and therefore cuts/etches differently so there was lots of trial and error to get something that showed. I'll be doing the tiles next and I've got ideas on how to make the etching a lot more visible. (svg here)

This item will be available for sale shortly in my store.
38 Projects/ 46 Weeks

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