Garage Work, laser down

Because of the rush to get project 52 finished the garage ended up being a very large dumping ground. The overflow ran into the utility room and onto the kitchen benches. I was literally stepping round things to get in and out of the garage so things had to change. My improvised standing height bench was largely full of junk and never got used, the crates underneath it were all full but most of them never moved so I've set about the task of sorting it all out. 

The grand plan is to remove the standing bench and replace it with a bench that matches the other side, this should make the place feel more open while I'm sat down. Matching shelves will provide additional storage. While I'm making improvements there were a dozen little things about the laser that need to be improved too. The metal base that it stands on feels quite flimsy, it rocks alarmingly during some cutting operations. I've built a new solid base to go under it, it has room for the chiller. The other side has room for full 300x600mm sheets of material (about 200 sheets) which frees up yet more spaces on my workbench.

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