It's my laser and I'll clean it if I want to.

I've been meaning to clean my laser for a while now but I was pretty busy before Christmas, my honeycomb has also become pretty manky so based on some recommendations I found on a laser forum (can't remember where) I bought some Krud Kutter, concentrated cleaner. I Diluted some 50:50 with water and sprayed it over the honeycomb. Turns out spraying it was not very effective but I was amazed at how easily the stains came off the edge metal. I turned the spray bottle onto the rest of the machine and was surprised at how fast the whole thing cleaned up.

I even got round to cleaning out the bed. The bed has been building up crap and stains since day 1. Previous attempts left it pretty black and took a lot of effort so I basically turned a blind eye to it (hence the title). I sprayed it with Krud Kutter and left it for a few minutes and I noticed that the tar was shifting. I kept on at it, using wood offcuts as scrapers and although it took an hour of hard graft the final result is absolutely amazing.
I bought my bottle of Krud Kutter from the decorating store