New Year, New Laser, New Job, New Company, New Blog

I've alluded to this before and even actively mentioned it in previous posts so I figured it was time to officially tell you guys. Together with Dominic Morrow, we have started a new company through which we can sell laser cutters. Just Add Sharks is our new venture, with the rather obvious url

After 2 years of laser cutting and blogging about the results I'm continually asked which laser cutter people should buy. I wanted to recommend a laser that I would use and I would buy again. Having looked around at everyone else's machines and factoring in the experiences with my own lasers we decided that we should start our own company and import some new machines for evaluation. The A3 laser cutter ticked a lot of boxes purely from the data sheet and when it arrived we knew it was the right machine for us.

This is the laser that I would buy if I was starting out again and I knew what I was doing. This is a laser that I want to own, despite the fact it is smaller and less powerful than my current machine. We're only selling one laser cutter through this company because we want to know the machine inside and out. To help achieve that I am buying one to go in my own garage that I will be using daily. Much like this blog, the new blog will contain all the things that are made specifically on the new machine, shared files for those items, the information that we learn about it and improvements we make but I also want to share the details, work and items of everyone else who purchases that laser too.

With the new year comes a new job. I'm not strictly heading into laser cutting and laser selling full time, I'll be turning into a house husband when my wife ends her maternity leave. From the end of January I'll be looking after 2 children and laser cutting around naptimes and nursery runs. I can't wait.

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